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Analytics and ROI

Analytics Module Shows User Interactions and ROI

To have a successful intranet, you need more than just great content. You need information that people are actively and effectively using. Our Analytics module offers the insight you need to determine how well your intranet is actually working. It gives you an easy way to truly understand what your employees want, care about and interact with on your site.

Key Features of Analytics

With the Analytics module, you have:

  • User-centric insight based on real data
  • Unique intelligence about how employees actually use your intranet
  • A user-friendly system that can be tailored to your organization
  • Convenient access to metrics and reporting
  • A tool for improving the experience of your intranet users

Track Each User Interaction

An important part of improving your intranet’s performance is figuring out what kind of information your employees are requesting. The Analytics module can tell you which areas of your intranet are the most interesting to users. Easy-to-read graphics show exactly what percentage of your employees are viewing and clicking on which content based on the options you select. A convenient reporting and analytics dashboard makes the whole process easy.

The Analytics module gives you the ability to determine how people are responding to the information on your site. This empowers you to make strategic modifications to improve users’ online experience. For instance, you could expand some content areas and eliminate others. And the best part is that you can make intelligent decisions about your intranet based on extracted user data—not guesswork.

Unique ROI Feature Included

You can’t improve what you don’t understand. That’s where our built-in ROI feature comes in. It gives you critical intelligence on the tangible benefits of your intranet, so you can measure its true value. 

Our proprietary ROI feature allows you to apply cost benefit values to each activity on your site. The module records every action that users make, from the first click to the last. Then the system uses the collected data to provide insightful reports into users’ activities.

Not only does the ROI tool drill down to key metrics like page and document views, but it clearly displays the dollar value of the return on your intranet investment. This provides vital intelligence you can use to make better informed decisions about enhancing the functionality of your site.

See how the Analytics module can help you better understand your intranet users, so you can create a more successful site. Contact us for a free online demo today!