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Engage Employees with Informative, Fascinating Blogs. We Make It Easy!

Our user-friendly blogging feature empowers you to share interesting information, get helpful feedback and have conversations with your employees. Internal blogging helps keep everyone on the same page about the latest corporate policies, product launches, relevant industry news and other developments. It brings everyone together, which can boost camaraderie, synergy—and morale.

Key Benefits

The blogging feature—which is part of our robust employee intranet solution—enables you to take internal communications to a whole different level. Blogging creates an open community where employees can feel comfortable sharing honest—and anonymous—feedback about your products, services and processes. It’s the ultimate way to reinforce your vision, values and culture beyond the standard corporate literature. A blog is also a great tool for quickly broadcasting important announcements, such as an employee promotion, award or birthday. You can even use our blogging solution to plan a company event or share information in real time instead of in a face-to-face meeting. Here are some other important benefits of our blogging software: 
  • Quick: Write blog posts in minutes.
  • Simple to Use: Share information instantly to keep everyone up to date.
  • Versatile: Get employees more involved and excited about what is happening in their company. 
  • Enlightening: Create an interesting “insider” source for company news, advice and other information. 
  • Revealing: Leverage the power of blogging on your web site to reduce marketing, advertising and public relations costs. 

Banc Intranets’ blogging solution comes with an array of features and capabilities to enhance your communications, including:

  • Unlimited blogs to provide a feedback loop from employees to management
  • A built-in editing tool for creating professional-looking posts
  • A dashboard that provides a snapshot of all blogging activity in one place
  • The ability to exchange ideas and collect comments on each post
  • Reader comment ratings and recommendations to others
  • A content tracker that indicates the most widely-read posts
  • A search feature that makes content easy to locate
  • Content management and archiving tools

Security and Support

Not only is Banc Intranets’ blogging feature simple and easy to use, but it also has a number of built-in security measures. It lets you determine who can author posts, so you can restrict journal entries to different levels or departments. You can also control readers’ comments. As with all of our solutions, we have world-class support available if you need any help.

Discover how our blogging solution can empower and engage your employees, as well as enhance your organization.