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Content Management

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Content management is an essential component of operating a Website. And Banc Intranets’ content management solution gives you full control over your Website. You can make changes and additions to your Web content quickly and easily—without any technical expertise. Our content management system is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, so no technical expertise is required. Anyone on your staff can update the information on your Web pages. Best of all, our user-friendly interface can be accessed conveniently online with any standard Web browser. So there is no software to load or expensive equipment to buy. You simply log onto our password-driven system and make your changes…anywhere, anytime. 

With our comprehensive content management solution, you can:

  • Avoid the hassle of outsourcing - Keep your content changes in house.
  • Save thousands of dollars in update fees – There is no need to hire a professional developer.
  • Maintain complete control over your content – Make changes however and whenever you wish.
  • Protect your Website's information - Control who accesses the system.

A Flexible Solution 
The simplicity and flexibility of our content management tool makes it the ideal solution for managing the information on your Website. You can promote special offers, add new products and services, make important announcements, publish informative articles and more. Keeping your Website updated is a great way to maximize your presence on the Web and enhance your brand. 

What’s more, our content management system can be adjusted to the specific needs of your organization. As competition and market forces change, you can modify your Website to adapt. This flexibility makes internal content management a very powerful and valuable solution. 

Our flexible content management system allows you to:

  • Edit and publish content more quickly and easily.
  • Add new pages to expand your Website.
  • Make global changes across multiple pages.
  • Update listings of products or services.
  • Include images and photos.
  • Modify your content as often as needed.
  • Remove outdated and inaccurate information.
  • Expand content to fit new and future needs.
  • Control employees’ administrative level of access for added security.

Advanced Content Management Features 
Banc Intranets’ content management system offers a number of advanced features to enhance your Website. Built with the ultimate functionality, it offers you the ability to support multiple servers and take advantage of rich media. The system also stores changes, as well as schedules content for on-demand delivery. 

Our comprehensive content management solution is the ideal complement for your Website. Contact us for more information now.