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Having the right information accessible through an intranet is essential for organizations today.

That’s why your intranet should be an effective gateway to the wealth of corporate information you have available online. And an effective search feature is a must to ensure your employees can find the documents or information intended for them.

BancWorks features search capabilities that make it even faster to locate information. This search tool is a valuable resource because it allows searchers to use phrases to find the information they’re looking for on your site. This not only makes it easy to navigate your intranet, but it encourages people to actually use it. With our search tool, your intranet will be one of the first resources employees utilize to find your corporate information.

Key Benefits

BancWorks’ search offers a variety of benefits that make it easier for employees to find people, processes and data on your intranet site, including:

  • Accessible: It features a highly visible box that can easily be accessed from anywhere on your site.
  • Intuitive: The search tool lets users plug in full phrases, which is the way many people search for information.
  • Easy: It displays relevant search results in an easy-to-view format so employees can quickly identify the right information.
  • Functional: Search results also include links that take you directly to the information you need.
  • Reliable: With our search tool, employees know they will be able to get access to the most appropriate information for their needs.
  • Relevant: Enhanced search lets employees receive comprehensive and pertinent search results, not unrelated responses to their query. 
  • Extensive: Our search feature provides access to all the important information on your intranet, including documents, training details, employee profiles, blogs, articles, and announcements items.
  • Improves service: Because the search tool gives employees instant access to your policies, procedures, products, rates and FAQs, they can provide better service to your customers. 
  • Promotes efficiency: The search tool keeps employees in touch with the most accurate and up-to-date information, so everyone can be more effective and productive.  
  • Saves time: Using the search feature lets employees save time by not looking for information in the wrong places—or recreating documents because they simply can’t find information. 
  • Saves frustration: Having fast, easy and dependable access to information through the search tool avoids hassle and frustration for users.  

See how BancWork’s enhanced search tool can help your employees find the right information on your intranet. Request a free online demo today.