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Ticket/Help Desk System

Our Ticket/Help Desk module is a simple but robust system for tracking, prioritizing and solving support tickets. The system makes it easy to support all of your departments and ensure your business processes are running smoothly. And the Ticket application is built into the BancWorks software, so you don’t need to install any other components to use it.

A Comprehensive Solution

The Ticket module lets your employees receive comprehensive support in a single integrated solution. Users can log incidents and make service requests conveniently online. They can also submit tickets on behalf of other users. Under the system:

  • Employees can submit help tickets for a variety of issues and processes.
  • There are unlimited categories, ticket types, and ticket type features.
  • Service requests are automatically queued and managed.
  • Users can view the status of their requests online.

Major Features of the System

Our Ticket system comes with an array of features all designed to ensure your employees receive the ongoing support they need, including:

  • Dashboard: Single dashboard views help moderators manage their entire day, from tasks to approvals. You can quickly change the dashboard view to see tasks based on status, date, submitted by, or other conditions. You can also include other moderators’ tickets within your dashboard view to help out when co-workers are out of the office.
  • eForms: The system allows eForms to be included within ticket submissions for more in-depth information.
  • Dates: Auto due date and auto moderator assignment options are included.
  • Labeling: There are flexible labeling options for priority and status tracking.
  • Notifications: Enhanced email notices are sent to inform parties of the status of any tickets relating to them, including Inactive Tickets, Internal Message Posted, Message Posted, Ticket Closed, Ticket Deleted, Ticket Modified, Ticket Past Due, Ticket Submitted, Ticket Submitted by Creator, and Unassigned Ticket
  • Access control: Access levels are included to determine who can view and alter tickets as well as who can modify ticket status and priority.
  • Tracking: The system tracks the current state of ticket and its history.
  • Multiuser capability: The system can receive ticket requests and modifications from multiple people in your organization at the same time.

See how the BancWorks Ticket module can help you keep your organization running smoothly. Request a free online demo today!