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Advantages of Using DirectorsLink

Increasing workloads, regulatory changes and greater liability/risk all combine to place much greater accountability on directors. That’s why you should choose DirectorsLink to enhance the efficiency, productivity and efforts of your board. With DirectorsLink, you can give your board of directors immediate access to up-to-date pertinent information—any time of day, anywhere in the world. Your directors can also capitalize on a secure, comprehensive set of collaboration tools to streamline the full range of board tasks and communications.

DirectorsLink serves as a ready reference for policies, board meeting minutes, and calendars, just to mention a few. Directors get the latest news about your organization to stay on top of important developments. Committee members can stay connected through the secure, easy-to-use DirectorsLink portal to facilitate the flow of information between all leadership members of your organization. Board secretaries can leverage the benefits of DirectorsLink to streamline their board-related administrative tasks.

Other Advantages of Choosing DirectorsLink…

DirectorsLink offers a variety of advantages for directors, committee members, board secretaries and other administrative staff.

Advantages for Directors:

  • Timely access to pertinent board records giving more review time
  • Secure point-and-click access to current and historical board information
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration with other board members and company leaders
  • The ability to vote on important issues and complete board evaluations online
  • Full-text searching to easily locate and retrieve information

Advantages for Committee Members:

  • Upload all committee meeting minutes and streamline group communications
  • Key documents available online anytime and safer than paper
  • Minimized paperwork keeping all committee members informed
  • Supports more productive meetings
  • Receive comments on important issues in a secure environment

Advantages for Board Secretary/Administrative Staff:

  • Dramatically reduces the time spent on board administration
  • Easily upload board package for review and comment and approval
  • Provides an easy-to-use method of creating, managing and delivering sensitive material in a highly secure and timely manner
  • Significantly reduce the need to print and mail sensitive board documents
  • Respond quickly and easily to last-minute changes