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Interactive Online Calendar and Resource Management Tool

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Unlimited Calendars

BancWorks gives you an unlimited number of calendars and calendar categories. You can create separate calendars for different company departments, conference rooms, and any other category you choose.

Key Features


Works with Microsoft Exchange, and other applications.

Dynamic Navigation

Makes it easy to move between other months and calendars.

Multi-Level Security

Lets you assign multiple levels of permissions, including editing, publishing and viewing rights.

List Views

Show daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Calendar Combinations

Combine individual calendars in different combinations for easier event viewing.

Simple Submission

Easily add, update and delete unlimited events.

Event Selection

Choose single, recurring, and timed events.

User Notifications

Send automatic email notifications about upcoming events.

Events Details

Include links to web pages and attach files for more information.

Resource Management

Quickly view resource calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Calendar Integration

Save events to Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, and other personal calendars.

See how BancWorks' dynamic Calendars can help you stay on top of important events and manage resources. Request a free online demo today!