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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Safe and Secure

Ensure safety and accessibility of your information whenever or wherever you need it.


BancWorks has built-in capabilities to keep your documents, files and other information safe and readily-available online. Manage access to your digital content with permissions, information routing, approvals and other protective features to prevent data loss.

Key Features

Access Control

Choose who can manage, add, edit or view documents. Keep users from downloading and printing files.

Version Retention

The system automatically keeps track of different file versions, so you can access and restore them whenever you need them.


Archiving ensures you have a permanent record of documents and files. You can restore deleted documents & folders with a single click.

Start and End Dates

Specify when content is viewable, content is archived after the end date and may be restored.


Generate reports detailing individual user permissions, activity and more.

IP Whitelisting

Determine where and when users may access your site.

See how BancWorks keeps your documents, files, and other information safe and always available. Request a free online demo today!