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Employee Recognition

Employee engagement is essential to business success. In fact, research shows that companies with an engaged workforce usually perform better and earn higher profits.

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Our Employee Recognition feature is a powerful tool for increasing employee engagement. It creates a branded online environment where you can highlight employees' achievements and make them feel more appreciated. This, in turn, keeps employees more interested, involved and productive.

Employee Recognition Made Easy

Commend employees instantly and openly

Highlight outstanding performance, results and other accomplishments

Increase good will and morale among employees

Improve Company Culture

Increase Retention

Exceptional performance can be quickly recognized. Building a culture of recognition helps to engage and retain your staff.

Unify Culture

Promote your corporate culture and align your company values. Recognize colleagues for actions that support company core values and company objectives.

Improve Communication

Instant peer recognition improves team communication while boosting morale and making employees feel more valued and respected.

Motivate Employees to Operate at their Highest Level

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Ongoing recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, and letting your staff know their hard work is being recognized can help motivate your company’s most valuable asset. Your Home page is the perfect place to publicly commend employees for their efforts. It displays their accomplishments right up front, where everyone can easily see them. Giving visibility to everyone’s contributions is a simple way of showing appreciation and can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity.

Easy to Use

Recognizing Employees Is Easy

The Employee Recognition feature gives members of your organization the power to easily and openly praise co-workers for a job well-done. Managers and team leaders can use the system to applaud the outstanding performance of subordinates. Employees can award kudos to compliment their peers. Either way, the Employee Recognition feature makes it easy to recognize employees for their good work and other contributions.

A Flexible Solution

Because Employee Recognition is a flexible tool, you can spotlight employees who are being recognized on your intranet’s Home page or a prominent internal page. You can display several kudos at a time and enhance them with optional thumbnail photos. You can even identify the most recognized employees as an additional honor.

Reinforce Positive Behavior Overall

Recognizing staff members for going above and beyond reinforces their positive behavior. Plus, it encourages other employees to do the same—even when they think no one is looking. A little recognition can go a long way toward motivating your entire organization.


The system has a user-friendly interface that’s simple to navigate, so no special technical skills are required. With just a few clicks, administrators can display kudos on your intranet. Best of all, the system is already set up with views that you can customize for your Home page.

Key Features of Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is a robust tool that gives you a simple way to capture and showcase employee accolades on your intranet. Everything happens in real time, so you can make sure employees are recognized in a timely manner. Employee Recognition allows administrators and other users to:

Empower everyone to recognize their peers, direct reports, and managers with one click

Send emails of kudo approvals to awarders, submitters and other recipients

Display a description of the kudo being awarded

Email submission notifications to the active directory or external email addresses

Include unlimited core values like attendance, performance and quality

Send a congratulatory email to kudo recipients and their managers

Make recognition more impactful by linking relevant core values to the awarded kudo

See kudos that have approval pending, manage approvals daily, weekly, or monthly

Require approval for submitted kudos or automatically accept them

View real-time data for all employees from a single dashboard view of all awards

Start Rewarding Excellence Today

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts, and our Employee Recognition feature makes the process simple and easy. Learn more about how this value-added feature can benefit your organization.