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Employee Directory

Makes Finding Employees' Contact Information Fast and Easy with Employee Contact Details All in One Place

Locating the contact details for staff has never been faster and easier than with our User Administration module. It lets you store pertinent information about employees in one central location, where it’s readily available to your entire organization. Users can locate personnel instantly by title, department, division and more—even if they don’t know the individual’s name.  Users can quickly call, send emails, and SMS texts with a smart phone directly from your intranet. Plus, Contacts saves time and resources because there’s no need to manually assemble, print and distribute phone lists.

User-Friendly and Customizable

The Contacts module features profiles with a photo, name, phone number, position, department, education, interests and other details that can facilitate connecting with colleagues face to face. Descriptive tags such as “security,” “technical” or “marketing” can be included to enable users to search by topic instead of by department or job title. This makes it easier for users to locate the right person when they’re searching for an expert. In addition, the module can be completely customized to your organization’s specific needs and preferences.

Exclusive Features for IT Administrator

Within Employee Search, IT administrators will find a variety of features built in to enhance their efforts. They include:
  • Customization: Add additional fields to profiles to display the exact type of information you want users to see.
  • Advanced Search: Search on any field or combination of fields in the user profile.
  • Active Directory Integration: integrates with your existing Active Directory following a simple configuration through an LDAP provider.
  • Filtering: Filter by domain or organizational unit, excluding users and groups you don’t want to appear.
  • Searching: Conduct an ultra-fast search, including an alphabetical search. Search across multiple domains.
  • Auto Sync: Synchronize user data with Active Directory or another file source on a scheduled basis.
  • Updating: Allow individuals to update their own profile based on predetermined parameters.
  • Importing/Exporting: Import members from LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) or Active Directory. Easily transfer user information via CSV file or Active Directory.

Discover how the Employee Search module can provide immediate access to your employees’ contact information. Request an online demo.