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Kitsap Bank

Kitsap Bank Leverages Banc Intranets’ BancWorks Employee Intranet to Drive Corporate Engagement, Improve Employee Satisfaction and Centralize Internal Communications


  • Ensuring a consistent and seamless customer experience across a staff of 300 employees in 20 locations;
  • Engaging employees and effectively communicating the company culture and bank’s mission to serve its local community; and
  • Creating cross-departmental interaction and collaboration among staff.


  • Banc Intranets’ BancWorks employee intranet, designed to centralize employee access to forms, policies, documents and procedures, while also serving as a single repository for financial institution-wide communications and content.


  • Facilitated more than 1,800 kudos recognizing employees within the intranet, further engaging staff with the bank’s corporate culture and creating a consistent customer experience, regardless of branch location;
  • Utilized contests and games via the intranet to increase engagement among the bank’s 300-person staff and ensure their knowledge of bank policies, documents and procedures; and
  • Developed company-specific blogs and articles to drive inter-departmental engagement and collaboration.

Port Orchard, Wash.-based Kitsap Bank ($1.1 billion in assets) sought a solution to help centralize internal staff communications, bank resources (such as policies, documents and procedures) and optimize how its employees work on a day-to-day basis throughout its branch network. The bank also recognized the need for a platform to support more employee-to-employee engagement and foster its strong company culture.

After careful due diligence, Kitsap Bank selected Banc Intranets’ BancWorks employee intranet, a fully customizable solution that centralizes enterprise-wide communications by providing employees with a single location to access bank announcements and news, forms, policies, procedures, ticket requests, deposit rates, articles and more. The bank, after selecting BancWorks, highlighted the intranet’s ease-of-use for all employees and flexibility across multiple technology platforms, including tablets, computers and on mobile devices as key factors in its decision. Likewise, the bank cited Banc Intranets’ in-depth experience with financial institutions and consistent support as crucial to their overall needs.

Driving Employee Engagement & Satisfaction with Intranet Modules
In its four years of using BancWorks, Kitsap Bank collaborated with Banc Intranets to optimize the intranet to their specific needs, including the development of additional, new intranet modules. One such component designed to engage employees with the bank’s culture and drive employee participation was a program known as the “Kudos Module.” Referred to by the bank as “Kudo$,” the module allows employees to submit a form through the intranet recognizing coworkers for  help with a specific task, a job well-done or any other activity in-line with one of the bank’s four core values. Those “Kudos” are then sent to the recognized employee, as well as his or her manager.

“Kudo$” was an existing program within the bank, but originally relied on an entirely paper-based, time-consuming process of filling out index cards to recognize fellow employees. This inhibited the program’s success as it often meant that certain kudos went unrecognized by management, were lost or were simply not completed by employees due to the complexity of the process.

In addition, the bank instituted quarterly drawings to recognize employees who received Kudos. Through this drawing, Kitsap Bank awarded the grand prize winner with a full paid day off, while 10 additional participants received a $50 gift card of their choice or a $50 charitable donation to an organization of their choice.

The bank also collaborated with Banc Intranets to develop a “Hall of Fame,” highlighting the 9 most recent Kudos recipients. The Hall of Fame includes the receiving employee’s photo, which core bank value they exhibited and why the individual received the Kudos, along with the number of Kudos that employee has received since the beginning of the quarter.

By instituting such a program, Kitsap Bank has brought its core values to the forefront of employee’s minds and engages them with the bank’s corporate culture and ethos. This ensures employees understand the bank’s overall mission and are able to communicate it not only to coworkers, but also customers, which ensures they have a consistent experience each time they enter a bank’s branch, regardless of location. In Q1 2018 alone, employees filed more than 1,800 Kudos to fellow employees, out of a total staff of more than 300.

“One of the most important steps towards satisfying customers is to also ensure our employees are engaged with Kitsap Bank’s unique brand and mission to serve our local community, “said Timothy Cates, Enterprise Archive Officer of Kitsap Bank. “Banc Intranets’ Kudos module was a collaborative effort between our two organizations, and we couldn’t be more pleased with its ability to help our employees recognize each other for their hard work and service.”

Optimizing Operational Efficiencies Through Games and Rewards
Kitsap Bank also sought to ensure employees were consistently utilizing the platform, accessing internal content and leveraging its ability to centralize important bank information. To accomplish this, the bank initiated a program to engage employees with the intranet and encourage them to explore its various functions and pages.

Titled the “Bounty Hunter Program,” each month, Kitsap Bank’s intranet administrator would hide specific images or icons on various pages of the intranet – particularly those webpages employees were not utilizing or ones bank leadership wanted employees to review more frequently. A “wanted poster” is then distributed to employees who would seek out the icon or image. At the end of the month, a random drawing of all those employees who found the image is conducted with a grand prize going to the drawing winner.

Kitsap Bank, on average, receives 60 responses from those who have found the image and submitted their findings. This does not include those participants who attempted the search, but were unable to find the image and report their success.

Utilizing Blogs and Articles to Drive Cross-Team Engagement and Collaboration
To further ensure employees are consistently engaging with the intranet, Kitsap Bank also develops bank-centric blogs and articles to share company-wide. This content keeps the intranet “fresh” in the minds of employees and ensures they are also engaging socially with the platform.

One such example of this content, was a blog developed by a departmental executive to recognize Earth Day and their team’s efforts to decrease paper consumption and drive internal efficiencies. This blog included a comment section for other bank employees to engage with the post and collaborate as to what their teams are doing to recognize Earth Day and minimize their environmental impact.

Likewise, the bank also allows each individual department to create a department-specific web-page describing the roles and duties of staff. These webpages include bios of individual employees coupled with their photograph, to help disparate employees identify with their co-workers and better collaborate as a team.

To further ensure employees are engaging with their co-workers and building comradery, Kitsap Bank implemented a twice-a-month “Employee Spotlight.” The Spotlight is featured on the homepage of Kitsap Bank’s intranet and highlights individual employees with a link to learn more about them, their role at the bank and their personal interests and hobbies. This helps employees better collaborate with each other and work as a team to accomplish bank goals and priorities.

“When utilizing an intranet, it’s important to continually update the site with new and fresh content. Otherwise, employees will stop looking to it as a resource for company news and announcements, much less important policies and procedures that could be easily overlooked,” said Cates. “By allowing our various departments to create and post bank-centric blogs and articles, we’re better able to keep our brand top-of-mind for employees and also keep them engaged with the intranet itself.”