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Learning Management

Our Learning Management module is a user-friendly solution that enables you to manage training initiatives and related regulatory compliance issues conveniently online. The system is completely web-based and fully integrated into the BancWorks suite of applications. This allows you to capitalize on the wealth of training content available from your intranet.

Key Features

The Learning Management module provides all the tools you need for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of training programs. This all-inclusive solution creates a secure place where training administrators can help employees access training materials, complete the learning process, take assessments and validate their progress.

The system offers a variety of features to help you manage training activities, including:

  • Simple navigation: Features a highly-intuitive interface that is easy to navigate
  • Course creation: Lets you create classes and assignments quickly and easily 
  • Reporting: Allows access to extensive, real-time reporting on employees’ training records and status.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Offers mobile compatibility so employees can complete their training anywhere, anytime
  • Assessment: Enables you to evaluate students and quickly see statistics on how test questions are being answered
  • Tracking: Includes tools to track individual and group performance at the course level
  • Learning paths: Allows you to create learning paths for your employees to help develop future leaders

Enhancing Regulatory Compliance

The Learning Management system gives management updated detailed training records and the employee status. This helps ensure that employees are compliant with all training initiatives to satisfy demands of today’s regulatory requirements. The system also automates the process of making sure your policies are reviewed by employees on a regular basis. It delivers policies electronically to each employee and tracks to see who has read and agreed to them.

With our Learning Management solution:

  • Online training initiatives make it easier for you to comply with regulations.
  • Employees take tests to demonstrate their understanding of your company’s policies and procedures.
  • Employees read and electronically agree to your new policies and procedures online.
  • Online reporting creates the documentation you need for regulatory compliance.
  • A powerful reporting engine makes it easy to track your employees’ performance.
  • Administrators can download data to external reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Learn more about the ease and convenience of managing training online with BancWorks’ all-in-one Learning Management system. Request an online demo or more information today.