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Organizational Chart

An Organizational Chart Facilitates Understanding and Connecting with Employees

Locating employees within an organization can be challenging, but our Organizational Chart module makes the task simple and easy. The Org Chart is a visual communication tool that instantly shows how your organization is structured. It outlines the rank, roles, responsibilities and relationships between employees, so you can easily see how everyone fits into the big picture. You can also see exactly where to go for the information you need in your organization.

With the Org Chart, you can clearly see the structure of each department, as well as the reporting relationships between supervisors, managers and employees. This makes it easy to contact an employee—or even multiple employees—in a particular department. For example, if you needed someone to manage electronic newsletter campaigns, you could view the Org Chart built into the employee directory to quickly determine the best individual for the task.

User-Friendly Format

The Org Chart completely simplifies the process of communicating the hierarchy of employees. With the click of a few buttons, you can access employee profiles through the employee directory. Then the Org Chart gives a visual illustration of the employee’s department and supervisor, so you can see who reports to whom at a glance. From there, you can contact a single employee or connect with multiple employees at the same time. So, for instance, you could reach out to a business development employee about attending an upcoming networking event. Or you might want to determine the best department manager to recommend an employee for a special project. Whatever the case, the Org Chart can facilitate connecting to the most appropriate individual for your needs.

Automatic Updates

The Org Chart automatically updates with details from the employee directory. So there’s no extra effort required to create or maintain it. This means employees will always be able to access a vivid picture of your organization’s departmental structures and reporting relationships.

Org Chart Benefits

Unlike a traditional printed chart, our convenient Org Chart places hierarchical information on your corporate intranet where it’s easy for everyone to find and use. It provides an interactive tool with photos, contact details and other information that can help you gain a better understanding of your organization’s workforce. The Org Chart module also:
  • allows users to avoid wasting time sifting through cumbersome spreadsheets, outdated reports and static diagrams.
  • effectively communicates departmental structure and provides a sound basis for decision making.
  • enhances an understanding of how employees relate to colleagues, groups and the organization as a whole.
  • makes it easier to identify and address potential workforce issues and organizational risks.
  • simplifies the process of connecting with employees for general inquiries, professional input and other assistance.

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