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DirectorsLink® The Communication Solution for Effective Boards

DirectorsLink is a state-of-the-art online board portal that offers an array of features to make it easier for directors to effectively satisfy their corporate governance duties. These elements work together to enhance directors’ decision making by simplifying the process of creating, receiving, reviewing and archiving board materials. DirectorsLink makes it possible to receive timely, accurate and in-depth information. It also enhances the communication and interaction between board members. 

Primary Product Features
  • Web-based system accessible from anywhere, 24 hours a day
  • Helpful search tool that makes it easy to locate current and archived information quickly
  • Pre-designed templates to maintain a professional uniform look for your agendas, board packages and collaboration pages
  • The ability to create dynamic content so your board secretary can easily produce, manage and publish corporate information without the help of IT
  • Integrated document management that turns your board portal into a secure source for all your board documents
  • Create highly customized evaluations for the board, committees, or individual directors
  • The system includes features such as permissions, workflows and approvals
  • Historical archiving to keep a record of board materials for compliance and audits
  • Built-in revision system to ensure information is never lost. DirectorsLink tracks all changes made to documents and allows an earlier version to be selected over recent edits
  • Electronic acceptance of policies and procedures, including new changes
  • Document syndication to produce Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds that deliver the latest relevant news by industry experts, as well as internal news. RSS gives board members a centralized place to find the most recent documents, changes, and up-to-date news related to their organization
  • User-friendly interface that allows information to be included with the same ease as using a word processor, including adding tables, images and forms
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Formatting is maintained when information is pasted from any Microsoft Office program into DirectorsLink
  • FAQ knowledge base of broad information that places categorized questions and answers within one easy click. Links can be created to specific FAQ categories from any page in the intranet, and answers can include links to additional information, documents or forms inside the intranet
  • Comprehensive security features to control entry into the system, level of access and access rights. These security features are Microsoft Active Directory Security, eDirectory,  and forms authentication Security
  • Newsletter articles with the latest company news, events and other developments
  • Services section that provides all of your company’s services and fees information in a single location
  • Polls and surveys to gain instant feedback from other board members
  • Forums and comments to initiate or continue discussion on important issues
  • Voting Engagements module that allows directors and committee members to vote on credits and other items between meetings. It automatically records each vote for future reference, eliminating the need to poll members and manually record their votes

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