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Site Search

The Go-To Resource for Corporate Information

Efficiently Locate Information

BancWorks’ powerful Site Search module gives users an efficient way to locate the information they’re looking for on your intranet. The enhanced features let people search using familiar keywords and full phrases to access documents, pages, services, FAQs and other information. With Site Search, your intranet will be the go-to resource for all your corporate information.

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Autocomplete Suggestions

A robust autocomplete feature suggests results as users search for content. Providing results as the search is typed allows your organization to be more efficient. The most relevant information is delivered with every search, allowing your employees to get to the right content before finishing their thoughts.


Get a direct view of what’s being search on at your organization with in-depth reporting of employee search behavior and common search requests. Search reporting helps you discover search trends in your company and use them to make information more accessible. In-depth reporting helps you predict what content needs are most important, and how to best meet the needs of your employees.

Security Based Results

Your user’s search results reflect the site’s security roles and access controls set in place and help ensure that users only see the search results they have access to. Search helps your employees quickly, easily, and securely find information across your business, but they will only be presented with information they have access to.

Search in Files

Do you have valuable content stored in PDF and Office documents? No problem, search requests will also search the content within your documents to improve the results for your users.

Key Benefits

Easily Accessible

Displays a search box that is highly visible throughout the site.


Allows users to search using common keywords and phrases based on their preference.


Includes links that take users straight to information and a viewer that opens documents directly.


Lets you prioritize results, filter results by category, and sort results based on relevance, date modified and title.

Relevant & Reliable

Presents dependable search results that closely match user queries.

Extensive Access Capabilities

Provides access to all the content on your intranet.

Improves Customer Service

Places staff in easy reach of the information they need to do their job.

Promotes Efficiency

Allows easy and quick access to information, so employees can be more productive.


Lets people use broad or specific terms to accommodate different approaches to searching.

Helpful Reporting

Reveals what information people are looking for and how they search.

Discover how BancWorks' enhanced Search tool can help your employees find the right information on your intranet. Request a free online demo today!