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"Let me tell you that the iPad App has made an amazing difference in my pre-Board workload and the Directors are all on board and are using the iPads like old pros. We have several directors who are very old school and they are all about the iPads. This week was our second round of meetings using the App and it went flawlessly."
Kim R. Dellinger, North Carolina Certified Paralegal, Capital Bank Financial Corp


"I just want to say….if ALL support centers had a staff like yours, my job would be a LOT easier. Just love working with your people!!"
Althea Kovalick, AVP Applications and Licensing, Southport Bank


“From our employees we’ve heard that the system is easy to use, and they like the layout of the system. From a manager’s standpoint, we like that we have the ability to track and document employee training and define what company information our users would see based on their role within the organization.” Amy Honeycut, Information Systems Training Manager, Holston Medical Group 


"Everybody is doing great with the iPads and seems to enjoy the DirectorsLink portal.  The more I use DirectorsLink the more that I learn and I love it.  It makes my life so much easier.  President Gobbell thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread."
Pat Holder, AAP, CFO, Peoples Bank

"I want to thank Banc Intranets for the expertise and leadership that your company has displayed during our partnership. Having never built an intranet at FSGBank, we were concerned that our task could quickly overwhelm our resources. I’m pleased to say that none of our fears proved to be founded. From the development of the work plan, to the regular update meetings, to the one on one coaching sessions, we viewed your team as trusted and reliable partners, always there we when needed you – but never in the way – and always understanding of our heavy workload. The result is an intranet of which we are very pleased and proud. We could not have done it without you."
Jeffrey F. Olingy, Chief Marketing Officer, FSGBank


"Banc Intranets is still an everyday part of our lives at Yadkin Valley Bank. We appreciate everything you have done for us over the years."
Debra K. Barr, Director - Training & Development, Yadkin Valley Bank


“I base everything on results and with Banc Intranets we got results. They are not just another software vendor, but a strategic partner because they are constantly asking me about future enhancements and updates.”
Peter Setara, Chief Information Officer, FNB Gulf Coast


“We chose Banc Intranets based on their knowledge of intranets and the features they offered. Throughout our vendor search we got the most comfortable with their team and the implementation strategy for a company who has never had an intranet before. One of our main goals for the intranet is to make a centralized document repository, and we feel as though Bank Intranets can help us towards that goal.”
Jim Smiegel, Administrative Assistant, Liberty Bank

“DirectorsLink is very easy to use and is user-friendly for our directors.”
Tara Riva, Executive Assistant, Cornerstone Bank


“DirectorsLink is an excellent product that has greatly enhanced our board meetings. The product is state-of-the-art in board meeting communications.”
Colin Bowe, Senior Vice President, Ocean Bank


“DirectorsLink provides our board with a valuable tool. We now spend more time on substantive topics and decision making – not on document review. We shortened our board meetings by 40% to 50%. Our Directors have been much more prepared for meetings since we started using DirectorsLink.”
Peter Setaro, Chief Information Officer, FNB Gulf Coast


“Banc Intranets has certainly earned its spot as our Preferred Guaranteed Vendor of Orion FCU” 
Margaret Peden-Ingram, Director of Strategic Projects, Orion FCU


"Your product is still one of the best solutions we have in our bank, and your staff is great! I hope in the future we can take advantage of more of your offerings."
LaDon Bandy, Vice President of Operations, Northwest Georgia Bank


"We get rave reviews about our intranets, one of the best moves we've made in a long time...We used to be 6 separate banks, then we merged together (so we standardized processes) then we bought 6 banks last year, the intranet is the single point of contact to provide consistent and timely information to our employees. BI has been great to work with and has a great tool. "
Donna Townsell, Project Manager, Centennial Bank


"Love your intranet product. It's one of our most important tools for moving information to our employees."
Rick Rhodes, SVP/CIO, Community Business Bank


"...indeed right now it is crazy for FIBT, as we have 4 branches in the Fargo area and many employees that are threatened by the impending flood. Everyone there has been very busy with sandbagging and just trying to prepare for what is to come, but we just hope that all their efforts pay off in the end. In this event…having out intranet is helping us stay connected...we have been able to keep everyone up to date with what is going on and share photos of what is happening."
Tim C. Davis, Information Systems Officer, First International Bank & Trust


"I continue to grow in my enthusiasm for the product and service you provide."
Cathy Tiffany, Information Systems Officer, State Bank of Lincoln


“Constructing the Select Bank Intranet has been one of the most beneficial projects our bank has ever undertaken. The employees love it because it puts all the information they could ever want at their fingertips. Banc Intranet's software is geared to the end user, and we really like the ease of use.” 
Lynn L. Johnson, HR Manager, Select Bank


“The fact that Banc Intranets knew the banking industry well and understood how to implement a site that bankers could truly appreciate and find useful really added comfort. We did not have to reinvent the wheel. We also wanted to house the intranet on our own server, as well as be able to maintain it with our own personnel managing the site.”
Kim McCarter, VP of Operations, Sevier County Bank


“It was important to us, that our employees be able to locate forms and procedures in a more timely fashion. This intranet will give them the tools to increase efficiency and enhance job performance.”
Tammie Sutton, EVP, Tennessee State Bank


"All the functions of BancWorks made sense. It’s obviously well thought-out and developed for the end user. In the end, this will improve our information process for the benefit of our customers, business partners and staff." 
John Pinna, SVP and CFO, Empire National Bank


“We wanted to improve the organizational communication structure to ensure our employees at any branch could go online to one central location and access the information needed to service our customers while making their departmental job duties flow efficiently.” 
Connie Poock, Assistant Cashier, First National Bank of Waverly


“Within the first few minutes of the demonstration, we could see that this software was designed by people who had hands-on experience in the financial industry. We had a list of specific applications we wanted in the software. Every time we inquired about an application or task, they would click to a destination and there it was. It was also visually clean, and navigation was effortless. It’s a solid product and one that is going to provide great value to the employees at Lakestone.”
Shelly M. Childers, Director of Information Technology, Lakestone Bank & Trust